A Grand Universe


New video images of the Sun from NASA here. I am just in awe of this kind of stuff.  I don’t mean to get political, but we are specs in a grand and mysterious universe.  Do we really think we have much impact as humans on something as colossal as global warming or climate change?  Most times I just think we are full of ourselves.  History has shown man as a proven narcissist.  Believing the universe revolves around us and is dependent on us.  The more I see, read about, study and wonder . . . the more it can’t be about us, it’s just absurd.  We are grains of sand in relative to the mysteries and galaxies beyond us.   The universe is immense, we are not. And if the universe is immense, spectacular and mysterious?  What does that say about it’s author?  Does God need to fit our systematic theologies so we can have it all figured out?  Again, more absurdity.  I am all for the search for knowledge, but it needs to begin with a sense of humility and a thirst for things truly wonderful and incomprehensible.  In my elder years, (now that I”m 37), I want to conclude less and wonder more.  These pics today just make me wonder. peace,marshall

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