Leadership is not for cowards

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” —Publilius Syrus


This is a quote from the first century Latin writer and I’m pretty sure the embedded truth within it’s meaning still rings true today.  Leadership is not for the weak.  Leadership is not about titles, riches or glory.  Leadership is not for the selfish ambitions of prideful men and women.  Leadership is not often what makes headlines.  Leadership is not a calculated science of planned procedures.  Leadership is often not executed in predictable weather, rather it is needed most when the turbulence is high.  Leadership is not easy.  Leadership is not for cowards.

Leadership most powerfully is influence when the stakes are high.  Leadership is tasting the salty sea air and refusing to close your eyes no matter how much it stings.  Leadership is a steady hand in the storm because you know that you’re being watched and looked up to by the rest of the crew.  Leadership is being anchored and rooted in something far bigger and far greater than yourself so that when the waves come, you cannot be moved.  Leadership is not a science you tinker with, it’s an art that stretches you beyond your limits.  Leadership is a decision to not see only the limitations of the storm but to have the vision for calmer seas and refuse to settle for anything less than navigating a way there.  Leadership is courage, it is determination, it is vision and it is hope.

Whatever you are leading and influencing today, your leadership may be tested.  If you see the storm clouds forming on the horizon, have no fear, this is your time, make a decision to be brave.  Grab the wheel, batten down the hatches, face the storm straight on, navigate your crew to calmer waters, you were made for this.  This is when leaders show up.  Leadership is not for cowards.