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I’m Chris Marshall, husband to one, father to three and a follower of Jesus and the Scriptures.  I’m a teacher, leader, writer, entrepreneur, pastor, friend and neighbor.  Mostly I’m still just an Irish kid from Philly.  I work hard, play hard and tend to live life out loud.  This site is sort of that ‘out loud’ part.

Here’s my resume if that matters to you (if not, carry on):  25 years of experience in various forms of organizational leadership and teaching in ministry, marketplace and higher education.  All of my vocational roles have been with the intent to support my habit of leading Ordinary Community Church.  I have been fortunate to teach, serve and study around the world in places like England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, Palestine, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.  I’m in love with my friends at Lemonade International  who continue to serve the needs of vulnerable children in La Limonada, Guatemala.

Educational Background:

  • Doctorate in Leadership with Global Perspectives from George Fox University.  My dissertation topic was on the role of missional communities in a consumer and postmodern culture.
  • Masters of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary with a focus on leadership development and Celtic Christianity for a postmodern world.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education from Trinity International University (mostly I just followed my wife around who was a 2 time All American volleyball setter, the woman is a stud.)

Things I care about:  leading, teaching, coaching, encouraging, creating, community, the church, meaning, hope, the creation, the future, the past, the now, growing, learning, experiencing, coffee roasting, grilling, brewing, traveling and I believe the Rocky movies are the only helpful metaphor for life.


"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one 
wild and precious life?"
— from Mary Oliver's Poem The Summer Day

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  1. Chris, I am founder and lead of a new church plant in the spiritually deficient Northeast city of Portland, Maine, called Resurgam (Community Church). I LOVE what you do and who Ordinary CC is, and specially Resugam Coffee and your partnership with Lemonade International. How can we pray for your ministry? Could we connect via FaceTime/Skype and explore partnering with you? Thank you and God bless

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