Faith for me is the center out of which I live.  It is what makes sense to me, it is what I find compelling, intellectually satisfying and I experience perpetually to be true.  What faith is not to me is a taming down to the empires of our day; be it conspicuous consumerism, political ideologies or the nihilistic ends of postmodern thought.  I believe in the exclusive claims of Christ, I believe in the truth of the Scriptures as a special revelation to what his Kingdom is like and I believe in the power of the Spirit that intervenes and enlightens our journey.  (You can insert the rest of the Apostles Creed here as well, I’d say yes to it)  I teach to encourage truth-seeking for the questions of your soul and it is one of my personal assumptions that at the end of all truth-seeking, one finds themselves at Christ and his Kingdom.  I believe it to be the center of all reality, it is the way of truth and life.

I believe in ordinary life.  I hold that fundamentally our world is broken and our culture is sick.  I also hold that our world is beautiful and our culture oozes with the marrow of life and meaning.  I believe the itch to experience something more, something more whole, something more healthy, something more real and something more life-giving is a worthy and redemptive conversation.  I believe the answers reside more in the simple than the complex, more in the anchoring to our past than in the obsessing about our future and more in the mundane than the exciting.  This is a space where I purpose to be reflective and transparent about my own journey in these matters.  I invite you to come along and participate in these our ordinary lives.

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