Leadership is a central passion of mine and creative leadership is what drives me.  I believe fundamentally that meaning is not bought, it’s created.  Good leadership is rooted, understands context, disperses power and protects the plight of the powerless.  Leadership when acted rightly is a beautiful and inspiring thing.  We all want to follow a good leader.  But leadership is a vanishing art-form in our culture, the very things that ought to feed its constitution are eroding away.  Our cultural thirst for more production, more speed, higher efficiency and increased consumption have left the art of leadership barren and exhausted.  In order to find life, leaders need to unplug and find their center elsewhere than the manic pace of our world.  Contemplation, reflection, solitude, silence, self-denial and slowing down are some of the recipe to what is required to again act powerfully in a disconnected world.  Leadership ought to be prophetic and therefore be rooted in a system other than the one we are immersed in.  Good leadership is hard to find, it’s an ongoing conversation I’m interested in hosting.

I believe in church leadership that is defined by love and hope, a people of the resurrection.  There was a Latin phrase that the monks of old used to have carved on their tombstone, it is “Resurgam” and it means ‘I shall rise again’.  It is battle cry of hope in the midst of darkness.  I believe there are storms upon the shore of the American church that will radically alter and erode business as usual, it is already present.  The question that remains is if we will spend our time in lament about a day gone by, or will we find the courage to rise again and find a new way of being and relating to a broken world in need of the hope of Christ?  I pray for a Resurgam of the American church.

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