Resurgam Coffee

‘A soccer ball instead of the dirt.
A pencil instead of a gun.
A meal instead of a gnawing stomach.
A dream instead of despair.
A path forward instead of a dead end.’

Every bag of coffee we sell, 10% + of the funds go to make this happen.


I am the owner of Resurgam Coffee LLC which is on mission to stand in solidarity with our friends at Lemonade International serving the vulnerable children of La Limonada (the most dangerous slum in Central America).   Our friend, Tita Evertsz, has been loving and serving this community for more than 20 years and a miracle is happening there, hope is rising again!


‘Resurgam’ is a Latin phrase that the monks of old used to put on their tombstones and it simply means ‘I shall rise again’.  In the same way this is our prayer over that valley that economic development, holistic education and abounding love will create a rising in what has historically been a dark place.

People ask me why my team is investing so much and working so hard to launch Resurgam Coffee to support Lemonade International? Well, to put it simply, it is for her. And it is for thousands of other vulnerable children living in the valley of La Limonada just like her. She is valuable, her future matters, she deserves safety, nourishment and abounding love. We exist to breathe hope over that beautiful valley in the form of great coffee for a great cause. Our work is drenched with meaning, it is for her.


A great mission deserves a GREAT tasting coffee.  Coffee is the 2nd largest export of Guatemala and they produce some of the world’s best beans, particularly for specialty roasting.  Resurgam Coffee builds direct relationships with coffee farmers and collectives to pay more than fair wages and insure the highest quality bean.  The resulting product is a premium craft brand coffee that is directly sourced and freshly roasted.

This coffee is ridiculously good!!!   Buy Resurgam Coffee here

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