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continued death of free market


Rarely do I get too political, but this caught my eye today:  GMAC bailout.    I don’t get why we are so afraid of allowing the free market to open and close doors for businesses.  I thought the free market was part of the American Dream.  If you work harder, have a better product, deliver it better, then you get to thrive.  If you don’t, you are on your way to extinction.  This American Entitlement to existence will be our downfall, just ask Rome.  At the end of its days, Rome spent more resources consuming and less and less resources producing.  There was free bread in Rome, so why protect the boarders.?  Their enemies crossed boarders and closed in like a hot knife through butter, they got soft.  (this is not a boarder/immigration issue, this is just basic economics)    America is soft, run by those who profit off of the masses who feel entitled to their inflated ways of life and doing business.  A free market is harsh, but it’s real and it’s free.  But it will be the ideals and tenets of a free market that I will teach my children, for a borrower is always slave to the lender. peace,marshall