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The Warmth of Presence


After Christmas this year, my wife and I went on a bit of a spending excursion and bought a TV and electric fireplace hearth for our family room, which is also the space where our worshipping community gathers.  Our house is not equipped with a chimney, so this faux attempt is the best we can do.  But it is the thought that counts, it brings a new kind of warmth to our space.  Not just literally, but also aescetically.  It does not look like the one above, something manly and Celtic like that would be in my dream house I’ll never have 😉 .  But still, it’s the intent that is there. A hearth in a home breeds warmth.  It is intended be sat near and gathered around.  Having our house church community gather last night in our home filled the space with laughter, love, friendship, hope, joy, strength . . . everything our culture doesn’t sell.  It is here to be found but it can’t be bought.  I have long believed that church as intentionally small communities can act as the cabin in the woods, offering warmth and relief to sojourners trying to find their way.  There is a warmth to the presence of community.  Warmth breeds hope and strength for new beginnings and long suffering.  In community we offer this hope to one another.  Around the hearth you can find depth in friendship that is the antidote the world’s trivial pursuits. 

 “A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body. ” – Benjamin Franklin