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Adventure for the Rest of Us


Been re-watching “Long way Round” with my wife and trying to get in touch with what I like about it so much.  It’s not the motor bikes, truth is I’ve only ever ridden 4 wheelers and motor-skooters, never really been on or around motorcycles.  It’s not Mongolia, Siberia or the Road of Bones in Russia; I’ve traveled all around the world and those areas don’t appeal to me much at all.  I think it’s the sense of freedom and discovery that comes with adventuring off on a path you don’t know how it will end.  I can admire these 2 elites who undoubtedly with Ewan McGregor’s and Charlie Boorman’s network and pocket-book could raise the money needed and take the time off from their day jobs for such a trip.  4 months to travel east via motor-bike from London to New York, a noble adventure.

So what about adventure for the rest of us?  Most of us cannot afford the time or money for such a trip, but yet something in us screams adventure.  Are we wired for our lives of comfort and routine, or are we wired for something more primal?  If I was born 200, 300 ,400 or 1000 years ago, I may have lived in adventure but longed for comforts.  Today I live in suburban comforts of A/C, comfy beds, TV, running water and functioning cars but long for adventure.  Perhaps it is contentment for what we already have that is the hardest reality to accept.  Most certainly some are wired for routine and predictability, others have a thirst for what is beyond the horizon.

There is a time and a place for the stability that comes with being temperate.  There is wisdom and noble duty in being a provider for one’s family, regardless of the nature of the job.  I’ve never really had a career in the American sense of the term, I’ve done what I had to do to fulfill purposes that were not my own and I’m glad I listened to that voice.  I went a road less traveled and it certainly has had it’s pitfalls and adventures, but within it I’ve learned a lot about the beauty of the ordinary and the gift of providing stability.  My wife has taught me a lot in these life values and I’ve grown away from more immature ways of being and leading.  I’m learning to embrace what it means to find most of the marrow of life in the Ordinary.

My natural bend is to adventure, to pioneer, to create, to travel on, to mark trails, to tackle obstacles, to discover new and wonder what is beyond.  So much of our suburban lives wrap us up in cocoons we long to shed.  There is adventure around me in the Ordinary I know I am missing so I am asking for clearer eyes to see.  I don’t want to miss it, life is too short to be another cog in the mythology of the American Dream.  The manic rat-race is not a way to freedom of the soul, its a yoke of burden.  Adventure beckons in many roads less traveled and it’s not just for the cultural elites.  Freedom is accessible for all, I’m on the search for those roads for the rest of us.  I suspect they are planted in the Ordinary paths of life.